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Subsea Wells

Intelligent engineering for subsea wells

Proven expertise for subsea well engineering

The typical approach to subsea drilling is to use a semi-submersible rig. So much so that it usually goes unquestioned. But typical doesn’t always mean best.

At Aquaterra Energy, we draw on our real-world experience to provide intelligently engineered solutions for a faster, safer, more cost-effective start to subsea well operations.

  • Faster setup
  • Reduced rig time
  • Shallow water
  • Safer solutions

In shallower waters up to 150m high-pressure subsea riser systems allow a subsea well to be drilled, completed or worked-over by a jack-up rig – for potentially a third of the cost of using a semi-submersible rig.

At Aquaterra Energy, we assess each project on its own merits to make sure our customers get the optimum equipment and solutions for their needs, even when that means challenging the norm. Our multi-disciplinary operational and analytical experience means that we can do so with confidence - saving our clients time and money while keeping safety at the centre of all operations.


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