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AQC Connector

We’ve developed our own market-leading riser system connector that’s NT-2 compatible, called the Aquaterra Quick Connect (AQC)

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Reduces lead-times, capital and operational costs plus, improves efficiency and safety during drill through equipment supply and operations. It’s used to minimise rig time for riser applications, providing a connection between the rig BOP and the riser’s joints below. It is also utilised as a riser joint connector in its own right to eliminate the makeup of flanged connections online. The AQC will significantly cut installation times - under 15 minutes for the manual 18 3/4 15k box; less than five minutes for the hydraulic option.

  • Compatible with proprietary wellhead profiles/drilling adaptors
  • Utilises a licensed Grayloc Products seal ring profile
  • Manual or Hydraulic AQC running tools available
  • OEM designed and tested (API 16A PR2 qualified)

We provide our AQC as part of a complete installation package which enables a fast, safe and efficient connection between the rigs BOP and the riser joints below. A typical rig BOP connection package includes:

  • 1 x AQC Box
  • 1 x AQC Pin
  • 1 x AQC BOP Test Stump and BOP annular test tool
  • 1 x AQC Running Tool

The benefits of using an Aquaterra Quick Connect include:

  • A 50% reduction in delivery lead-time, when compared to other proprietary wellhead profiles and drilling adaptor suppliers
  • Vastly improved make-up times
  • Compatibility with other proprietary wellhead profiles and drilling adaptors
  • Pins, boxes, running tools and test stumps available in standard/non-standard configurations for sale or rental via our Aquaterra Express service

We also supply a variety of other connectors which can be integrated into subsea or surface riser applications ensuring a fully optimised solution. All connectors can be made available to rent on their own with the complete suite of running and operating equipment, or as part of a high pressure riser supply. In addition, we can provide a trained team of installers and a full range of installation equipment to assist offshore operation support.



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