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Surface Riser Systems

A complete solution for all surface riser systems

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The highly skilled engineering team at Aquaterra Energy has a proven track record in specialist design, fabrication and installation of surface risers systems for customers all around the world. As part of our Well Start solution, we’re able to deliver the entire seabed to surface riser system package, by combining riser analysis, interface engineering, operational support and equipment.

  • Single vendor, reduced supply chain
  • Increased cost saving and efficiencies
  • Complete, managed service
  • Expert engineering

Our analytical ability, combined with a detailed operational understanding of standard and non-standard riser operations, enables us to provide a fully optimised equipment selection service, and through the use of dedicated BOP and wellhead quick connectors, our team can reduce running times, saving valuable rig time per deployment.

Using Aquaterra Energy’s dedicated offline handling and running tools, all riser systems can be constructed and pressure tested offline.  Our surface riser systems are NACE compliant and come in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings.

Typical riser system packages comprise of:                            

  • Riser Analysis
  • BOP Quick Connectors and test stumps
  • Riser system quick connectors (AQC) to eliminate flange connections
  • Low-pressure riser systems
  • Overshots
  • High-pressure riser systems
  • Running tools
  • Tension rings
  • Torque tools



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