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Field Development Solutions

Fast-tracked platform delivery for accelerated return on investment

Field development planning and intelligent engineering that delivers quicker returns

Aquaterra Energy reduces time to first oil with our range of flexible field development planning solutions and services. From designing conductor-supported Sea Swift platforms and tension decks to solving electrical and pipe engineering challenges, our team of experts is best placed to deliver the highest quality solutions on time and on budget.

  • Provides reduced time to first oil
  • Platform installation in under 12 months
  • Drill in less than six months
  • Flexible, modular platform design

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Time to reach first oil is the critical consideration in any field development challenge. At Aquaterra Energy, our field development planning fast-tracks this process, reducing platform costs and accelerating your return on investment.

Drawing on our range of flexible, field-proven solutions and multi-disciplinary expertise, we can overcome engineering challenges to install your offshore platform or offshore structure in drastically less time than the industry standard, even when in close proximity to existing structures.

Using our flagship Sea Swift conduct supported platform solution, we can deliver an entire field development platform in less than 12 months and, by staggering the build, our clients can be drilling within six months.

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