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Subsea High-Pressure Riser Systems

A complete solution for all subsea high-pressure riser systems

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Why our subsea riser systems?

The highly skilled engineering team at Aquaterra Energy has a proven track record in specialist design, fabrication and installation of high pressure, full bore drilling risers systems all around the world. We’re acknowledged pioneers of riser system technology, with experienced engineers in our team that developed the very first systems. As part of our Well Start solution, we’re able to deliver the entire surface to seabed riser system package, by combining riser analysis, interface engineering, operational support and equipment.

  • Single vendor, reduced supply chain
  • Increased cost saving and efficiencies
  • Complete, managed service
  • Expert engineering


Aquaterra Energy’s subsea high-pressure riser systems allows a subsea well to be drilled, completed or supports subsea work-overs and well abandonment from a jack-up.

The riser systems provide a structurally sound, pressure retaining conduit between the subsea wellhead/tree and the rig’s surface BOP and is able to withstand the operational and environmental conditions it will be subjected to during its service life. Typical riser system packages compromise of:                            

  • Riser Analysis – Inc. Fatigue / Run History
  • Subsea Connector
  • Forged Stress Joint
  • Intermediate & Pup Joints
  • Tension Joint
  • Control System: Umbilical, HPU, Spooler, ROV Panel
  • Landing Joint / Running Tools
  • Test Stump
  • Surface Quick Connectors (Optional Depending On Rig) 
  • Tension System (Optional Depending on Rig)

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