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PROTen Hang-off Tool (HOT)

Designed for conductor or well support during platform drilling and abandonment operations

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Why our PROTen Hang-off Tool?

The Aquaterra Energy PROTen Hang-Off Tool (HOT) has been designed to provide support to the conductor for a number of operations which will help you save vital rig time. The tool can be used whilst waiting on cement to cure during platform drilling operations, as well as for general conductor or well support during abandonment operations. Using this tool will support rig-time savings of 24 to 48 hours of drilling unit idle time.

  • Rig-time savings of up to 48 hours
  • Provides increased safety during operations
  • Compact and simple to use
  • Expert engineering

Although our system is primarily designed for platform operations, it can also be utilised on a rig floor during exploration well drilling - creating a safer and more controllable support once the conductor has been run and the cement stringer deployed, as well as for proving conductor cuts.

  • Low profile and lightweight design to allow easy positioning in congested cellar deck areas
  • Integral trolley wheels and multiple lift points for handling
  • Cylinder stroke accommodates space out and the slump of the conductor once the cement has cured, to allow the unit to be removed
  • 250 to 400-tonne axial support (other loads available)
  • Fail-safe cylinder design and locking system
  • Engages directly with the underside of the starter head profile or can be used in conjunction with a SUREGrip Tension Ring around the conductor OD
  • Guards in place to protect against moving parts
  • Can support all conductor ODs and string weights
  • Compact, simple to use with ATEX zone 1 control unit panel
  • Bespoke designs and applications available on request

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