Sea Swift Platforms


The successful installation of Aquaterra Energy’s first unique conductor supported platform (Sea Swift) design in 2007, heralded a huge advancement in platform technology. The company has been granted three patents relating to Sea Swift’s use and installation.

Sea Swift offers ultimate flexibility, with a modular system that unites the advantages of a platform with the rig-run benefits of a subsea development. This now widely used, field proven technology helps our customers to achieve reduced platform costs, lower installation costs, simplified critical path and reduced intervention costs within shallow water field development.

Sea Swift is an innovative conductor supported platform concept, which offers a tried and tested solution that is versatile and flexible, across a number of offshore applications around the world. The platform can be transported on a standard supply vessel and installed using conventional drilling and lifting techniques from a drilling rig.


In shallow water applications Sea Swift reduces maintenance and well capital costs by utilising dry trees and enabling access provision by crew boat or helicopter, instead of via costly intervention vessel. It also allows all operations to be carried out by a standard jack-up rig without additional installation vessels, and without large investment in traditional platform structures. With the Sea Swift there are no constraining lead times for material and manufacture. This helps to reduce overall associated project costs and the speed at which it is delivered, significantly fast-tracking production opportunities.


The Sea Swift wellhead tower provides an easy solution for adding new slots to existing platforms and enabling wells to be drilled and completed before the arrival of a larger platform. It is a low cost option that is delivered significantly faster than traditional platforms and can rapidly increase production from platforms constrained by existing slots. It also offers the ultimate application for pre-drilling template operations, enabling wells to be drilled, completed, with dry trees installed, before the arrival of the main platform. This allows pipelines to be laid and tied-in before platform delivery and its simple hook-up method enables oil and gas production to begin as soon as the platform is delivered, eliminating the need for rig and construction vessels intervention.


In its largest configuration, Sea Swift can take the form of a significant platform. The modular design concept allows a central wellbay module, typically containing up to 12 wells, to be combined with separate process modules. This results in a larger platform that can easily be handled by the rig as a single piece. This innovative modular design allows a significant platform to be installed while maintaining all the benefits of the Sea Swift concept.

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