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Aquaterra Energy provides a complete range of offshore engineering services to support operators, service companies, and rigs.
Our products and services include offshore structures, riser systems, riser analysis and our Well Start and Aquaterra Express service solutions. They are all designed to meet customers’ needs across the full lifecycle of each and every project.
Our offshore structures include the modular Sea Swift platform, designed to help reduce build and installation costs offering a fast track, cost-effective solution for shallow water developments. Furthermore, we offer bespoke offshore structures, such as drill centre templates, protective structures, and wellhead support frames all designed to suit individual project specifications.
Our riser system products and services equip drilling engineers with the crucial tools to reduce rig time. Customers around the world can benefit from our extensive and specialist experience, including the design, fabrication and installation of surface and subsea riser systems.
Our expert riser and conductor analysis services verify and optimise your system design and we work closely with customers on projects to interpret and implement findings effectively. Analysis includes strength and stability, fatigue life and vortex induced vibration (VIV).
For drilling engineers navigating the crucial first phase of offshore drilling, our Well Start products offer vital support around interfaces, equipment, and handling. It combines and integrates seabed to surface products and services to bring cost savings and technical benefits.

We also provide a wide range of intelligently engineered, readily available rental equipment through our Aquaterra Express service. This enables customers to easily access our extensive portfolio of standardised offshore products.

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