Riser Monitoring System


Aquaterra Energy’s unique Riser Monitoring System (RMS) is designed to revolutionise the riser integrity management process, with real-time information on operating limits facilitating safer extensions of operating windows. The RMS can provide the opportunity to simultaneously enhance safety of operations and reduce costs.

Our innovative team of experienced riser engineers have a robust track record of delivering the complete scope of riser system supply. This expertise has been channelled in to our Riser Monitoring System, combining our operational understanding of environmental and technical challenges with robust analytical methodologies from our renowned riser analysis team. The in-depth practical knowledge within Aquaterra Energy has optimised the design such that operational impact is kept to a minimum.

The RMS can be configured to store data locally, or instantly transmit the data to the surface for live evaluation, processing and reporting for periods ranging from short campaigns up to 5 years of continuous service. Once the robust strain gauges are attached to the riser using specially developed subsea epoxy resin, the heavy duty housing provides maximum impact protection, preserving critical accuracy of the instrumentation. The fusion of high-fidelity data with unparalleled in-house expertise provides accurate asset information, enabling improved decision making on maintenance activities. The integrated monitoring and analysis methodology facilitates enhanced health and safety, better understanding of fatigue life and can contribute to the extension of asset life.

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